Part verification

3D technology is ideally suited for part verification as it gives accurate measurements and is a strong visual tool. Whether it is a small or a large object, a 3D scanning, CT scanning, or coordinate measurement, we have a metrology system and a technician that match the task.

Wind turbine hub

3D scanning for quality control and analysis of wind turbine hubs.

Axial fan

3D scanning for inspection and dimensioning of bending blade


3D scanning for analysis of Computer Aided Manufacturing of tool.

Jelling Stones

3D scanning for analysis and documentation of the Stones' decay.

Plastic part

CT scanning of small plastic part for dimensioning of internal geometry and GD&T.

Wind turbine tower

3D coordinate measurement of flanges on the tower during simulated mounting.

Offshore platform

3D coordinate measurement of bolt positions before mounting of wind turbine tower.