Design and art

3D scanning bridges the gap between the physical part and the digital world. The technique sets the designer or artist free in terms of tools and processes, and opens completely new doors for the design or modelling process.

Today a digital model of a mock up or an early sample is a requisite for starting up production. Partly because modern production techniques are digital, but also because it is then possible to hand over data for further progress anywhere in the world.

Zebicon's experience with 3D scanning gives you data in the right quality for the given purpose. Digitization with high accuracy and high resolution documents all details in the master model or prototype, and ensures that the artist's expression is kept.

3D scanning as a design tool

A digital model gives you possibility for optimizing and improving the design.

  • Mirroring across symmetry lines
  • Reversing the model to create identical right and left sides
  • Oversize modellering gives fine details when downsizing
  • Cheaper to work with small models which kan be upscaled
  • Easy access to make 3D print and additive manufacturing
  • Combination of model's geometry with CAD designed features
  • Complete data basis for CAD design or CAM systems

CASE - Doll

A chain of Danish builders merchants wanted to reconstruct a doll used for TV commercials.

Zebicon 3D scanned the doll and created suface data for CAD design.

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