Education and research

Optical 3D metrology is an established measuring method within the industry, and it can thus be of great relevance to include the subject in an educational and research context. Working with 3D metrology during an educational course introduces the students to relevant methods and tools, which can be used after ending the time of study.

From 3D scanning to deformation analysis

Depending on the branch of study and how far the students are in their studies, there are different possibilities for including 3D metrology in the courses. Technologies which are used for education and research are 3D scanning, deformation analysis (DIC), and 3D motion analysis.

In Zebicon we have a long-time working relationship with the technical universities and university colleges in Denmark, and we are open for a dialog regarding which possibilities your educational institution has for incorporating 3D metrology in the courses.

3D measurement for education and research

In an educational course, 3D metrology can be a theoretical teaching element, practical exercises, or research and project work.

  • Class teaching in 3D metrology (ATOS for Education) 
  • Lab exercises in 3D scanning 
  • Study work in reverse engineering and part verification
  • Research in material characteristics and component analysis 
  • Course in material science using deformation analysis (DIC) 
  • Experiments and test using 3D motion analysis


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