Zebicon offers advanced non-destructive analysis of geometric interaction between electronic components and functions at all product stages, that is in prototyping, during product maturing, or in the final verification phase.

Using various measuring and analysis techniques, we systematically work on confirming or denying assumptions and hypotheses, so decisions can be made on a complete data basis.

3D measurement in the electronic industry

Technologies as 3D scanning and CT scanning are excellent choices for control and verification in the eletronic industry. Single components can be analyzed with 2D x-ray images, dimensioned or analyzed in full 3D.

  • Inspection of soldering, contact points, and connections
  • Analysis of printed curcuit boards and short circuits
  • Troubleshooting on built-in and embedded components
  • Inspection of air inclusions, e.g. in cooling paste
  • Verification of plastic components, stamped parts, and semi-manufacture
  • Inspection of assembled parts

CASE - Headset

GN Netcom A/S wanted knowledge about the interaction between internal elements in a headset.

Using CT scanning, Zebicon delivered 2D x-ray images to document the internal elements.

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