Wind turbine components, offshore constructions, and parts for power plants are often complicated to handle due to size and operational circumstances. Consequently, the quality approval is a demanding process, which has to be conducted outside or at sea, and at the same time meet great technical demands.

Zebicon's variety of 3D technologies makes it possible to solve the majority of these tasks on-site and with great accuracy. We do this by offering measurement services on demand, and consulting services when buying 3D metrology systems for research and development, as well as for ongoing in-house quality control.

3D measurement in the energy sector

3D measurement gives a variety of possibilities within the wind industry and the energy sector in general.

  • Part measurement
    Measurement of machined parts, castings, tools, blades, flanges, bolts/hole positions, flatness analysis, ovality.
  • Deformation analysis
    Deformation analysis of heat expansion, blade and material test, emergency stop, mounting of blade/tower sections.
  • Geometric inspection
    Comparison to CAD of complete constructions as blades, nacelles etc.
  • Reverse engineering
    3D data on complete surface geometry (prototypes, models, molds, worn parts) as basis for 3D design.
  • Test of main shaft and transmission

  • Levelling and measurement of molds and blade plugs

CASE - Offshore platform

Vattenfall A/S needed to measure bolt positions on offshore wind turbine platforms.

Zebicon did the measurement using photogrammetry and delivered the coordinates of the bolts.

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