Products developed in the medico industry often consist of tiny technical plastic parts with many functions and low tolerances, which can be complicated to measure up traditionally. 

With unique possibilities within CT scanning and 3D scanning, Zebicon can conduct full 3D measurement for the medico industry. We deliver traceable and clear results, which provide crucial knowledge about prototypes, processes, and materials, and which simplifies the subsequent decision-making process.

3D measurement in the medico industry

3D measurement gives valuable inspection possibilities in the medico industry during development and verification of new products.

  • Dimensioning and part verification
    Verification of all geometric specifications (GD&T or traditional dimensioning).
  • Examination of prototypes
    Gives an overview of problem areas in the design.
  • Inspection of tendencies on the part
    Visualizes warpage, shrinkage, air inclusions, and sink.
  • Material analysis
    Visualizes fiber structure, air inclusions, and internal defects.
  • Inspection of assembled parts
    Provides knowledge about the interaction between elements.
  • Reverse engineering
    Creates a data basis for 3D reconstruction of a part, prototype or master model.

CASE - Tube lock

Sonion A/S wanted an analysis of air inclusions and fiber structure of a technical plastic part.

Zebicon used CT scanning for documentation of the internal elements.

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