Working and manufacturing in metal calls for great knowledge and specific experience.

One thing is to verify a dimension, another is to understand how the end product will be affected by the material during the process. This applies whether we are talking welded constructions, steel castings, or machined parts.

Zebicon creates overview and knowledge of the real situation. This knowledge is essential for understanding causal relationships and thus finding solutions to a problem.

3D measurement in the metal industry

3D measuring provides a series of advantages within the metal industry with regards to quality control and reverse engineering.

  • Measurement and part verification
    Determines flatness, ovality, and dimensions on double curved surfaces.
  • Deformation analysis
    Determines deformation or wear over time or due to forced stress.
  • Reverse engineering
    Creates a data basis for 3D reconstruction of a part, prototype or worn machine part.

  • Levelling and alignment of production equipment.

  • Inspection of tendencies on the part.

    CASE - Axial fan

    Multi-Wing International A/S needed knowledge about bending on an axial fan.

    Zebicon 3D scanned the fan and compared the scanned data to the fan's CAD part

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