Zebicon's knowledge and experience with plastics springs from design, tool development as well as the toolmakers work. It is this professional competence that we bring into our services when working with measurement and scanned data.

At Zebicon we ensure that as much information as possible is available, so the decisions you make are correct and well-documented.

3D measurement in the plastics industry

3D measurement is used in the development process and in the part verification phase. Using white light scanning and CT scanning you can obtain a unique overview of a part.

  • Examination of prototypes
    Gives an overview of problem areas in the design.  
  • Inspection of tendencies on the part
    Visualizes warpage, shrinkage, air inclusions, and sink.
  • Inspection of assembled parts
    Provides knowledge about the interaction between elements.

  • Reverse engineering
    Creates a data basis for 3D reconstruction of a part or prototype.

  • Material analysis
    Visualizes fiber structure, air inclusions, and internal defects.  
  • Deformation analysis
    Determines defomations from cooling, tool displacement or ejectors. 

    CASE - Plastic part

    Oticon A/S wanted to verify the dimensions and quality of a component.

    Zebicon CT scanned the part, compared the data to the CAD part and delivered a report with the specified dimensions.

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