ATOS Compact Scan

Flexible light-weight scanner

ATOS Compact Scan is a new class of scanners for 3D measurement and inspection.

It is a light-weight system which allows for new application areas and ensures maximum adaptation to different environments, especially narrow areas. The scanner is based on high-end technology and delivers precise data for reverse engineering, 3D measurement and inspection.

Independent measurement

ATOS Compact Scan uses stereo camera setup, combined with the newest blue-light technology, making the scanning process independent of ambient light conditions. The scanner comes with 2 or 5 mega pixel cameras and several measuring volumes, which means that small and large objects can be scanned in high resolution and in good quality. 

ATOS Compact Scan with blue light on

Portable all-in-one measuring solution

ATOS Compact Scan is a light-weight solution, which is easy to transport. All elements of the scanner system fit in the accompanying suitcase. A laptop for data processing is also included. 

ATOS Compact Scan is a complete measuring system for high precision measurement. The system comes with professional inspection software, as well as training and support. 

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Danish distributor

Zebicon is the danish distributor of 3D measurement systems by GOM, who is developing and producing high precision metrology solutions.  

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