3D scanner at the size of a book

The ATOS Core scanner has an extremely compact design. The design is exceptional as it has a narrow sensor head with both optics and electronics integrated. The design results in a stable and robust solution which is easy and intuitive to handle. 

The ATOS Core 3D scanner can be used for reverse engineering, 3D measurement and inspection. The scanner uses stereo camera setup, combined with the newest blue light technology which makes the scanning process independent of the ambient light, resulting in better data on complex and shiny surfaces.

Fixed measuring volume 

ATOS Core is available with 2 or 5 mega pixel cameras and has fixed measuring volume. The fixed measuring volume means that the entire sensor head is replaced when changing measuring volume. The operator thus avoids changing and adjusting the lenses, and calibrate the system when changing measuring volume. 

ATOS Core with blue light on

Three types for different needs

ATOS Core is available in three lines, each of which solves different needs. Within each line there are a number of sensor heads with different measuring volumes. 

  • Essential Line is for simple scanning used for reverse engineering, documentation and 3D print 
  • Professional Line is for complex metrology applications with extensive analysis and inspection options. Can also be used for reverse engineering. 
  • Kinematics Line is for measurement and quality control in an automated solution and robot integration called ATOS ScanBox 4105.

The ATOS Core series is suitable for small and medium-sized parts up to approximately half a meter. 

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ATOS Core Microsite

Visit the ATOS Core Microsite to get more information about the scanner's features and usage in the industry.

ATOS Core Microsite