Automated photogrammetry

ATOS Plus is an integrated photogrammetry camera for ATOS Triple Scan and ATOS Core and is delivered as an add-on for an ATOS ScanBox setup.

With ATOS Plus is is possible to obtain a completely automated part verification, where photogrammetry and collection of reference points is integrated in the scanning and measurement process.

High process safety and reliability

The use of ATOS Plus in the measurement phase results high process safety and reliability. A measurement with out operator ensures that repeated scannings become 100% identical, as the scanning is performed in the exact same manner and from the same predefined positions.

Using fixtures or other kinds of support frames, ATOS Plus registers possible changes in the frame and automatically triggers a new photogrammetry measurement to ensure reliable and homogeneous measurements. 

ATOS Plus mounted on an ATOS Triple Scan

High image quality

The integrated photogrammetry camera is delivered with 12 and 29 mega pixels and with specially developed optics, ensuring high image quality and accurate measurements. ATOS Plus makes it possible to obtain a completely automated part verification.

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Danish distributor

Zebicon is the danish distributor of 3D measurement systems by GOM, who is developing and producing high precision metrology solutions.  

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