Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

3D deformation analysis

Zebicon is the Danish distributor of 3D metrology systems from GOM, and can thus assist in choosing the right solution if you consider to buy DIC eqipment.

GOM's system for 3D deformation analysis and Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is called ARAMIS.

The system is ideal for accurate real-time measurement of 3D deformations, displacements, velocities, and strain in components or material samples.

ARAMIS allows for non-tactile and material independent measurements of static or dynamically loaded objects. Output examples are:

  • 3D coordinates and 3D displacements
  • 3D velocities and accelerations
  • Strain values and rates
  • Material characteristics

ARAMIS gives accurate and convincing results through easy to understand graphical and visual presentation, as well as access to all data and 3D coordinates in open formats. Read more about ARAMIS.

Zebicon ensures that the necessary training and education is given when buying a metrology system, and we also deliver support afterwards.


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Danish distributor

Zebicon is the danish distributor of 3D measurement systems by GOM, who is developing and producing high precision metrology solutions.  

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