ATOS for Education

3D scanning in an educational context

ATOS for Education from GOM is lecture material for teaching and education in 3D scanning

ATOS for Education brings the experience and opportunities from the industry together and make them available for educational institutions focusing on technologies and the applications offered by 3D scanning.

Theory and practical exercises
ATOS for Education is a complete package designed for educational use that combines theoretical instruction and practical exercises. ATOS for Education is a product solely designed for educational institutions and is therefore available for an attractive price. 

ATOS for Education consist of theoretical material and an industrial 3D scanner. This makes it possible to work with the following areas: 

  • Theory and principles of 3D scanning 
  • Practical training with 3D scanning
  • 3D scanning for measurement, analysis and quality control 
  • 3D scanning for reverse engineering and reconstruction 
  • Metrology and GPS based on 3D scan

Read more about the technical details of ATOS for Education.

Free lecture material
As an educational institution you have the opportunity to access ATOS for Education lecture material for free. This package is called "Education Starter Package" and consist of:

  • CD with Power Point presentation including lecture material and detailed background information
  • A poster about 3D scanning 
  • 30 GOM Inspect software USB sticks for students 
  • 30 brochures and flyers for students


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GOM has created a series of tutorials on YouTube, which can help you get started with the free software.

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