Technical details about ATOS for Education

ATOS for Education makes it possible for adjusted complexity of the teaching. There are basic introduction exercises and more advanced exercises for final year students. 

The students have opportunities to try all steps in the process of scanning with both professional hardware and software with relevant issues from the industry. 

ATOS for Education contains the following elements:  

  • ATOS Core 200 3D scanner
  • Cable kit for ATOS Core
  • Desk stand for ATOS Core
  • Rotation table for small parts
  • Laptop
  • Demonstrator component 
  • CD with lecture material
  • A poster about 3D scanning 
  • 30 GOM Inspect software USB sticks for students
  • 30 brochures and flyers for students

Additionally, there will be practical training of maximum 4 lectures in ATOS Core. The course is one day and is a thorough introduction in GOM Scan Software.  

For further information about ATOS for Education, contact Ronni Kamp.


Jeppe H. Laursen

+45 4196 4955

Danish distributor

Zebicon is the danish distributor of 3D measurement systems by GOM, who is developing and producing high precision metrology solutions.  

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