Photogrammetry (CMM)

Optical 3D coordinate measurement

Zebicon is the Danish distributor of 3D metrology systems from GOM, and can thus assist in choosing the right solution if you consider to buy a 3D coordinate measuring system (CMM).

GOM's system for 3D coordinate measurement is called TRITOP, and is based on photogrammetry, that is, optical coordinate measuring. The technology is designed to define exact 3D positions on markers and visible elements. The system is mobile and very flexible, and is ideal for on-site coordinate measurement. TRITOP is used for:

  • Quality control of large objects
  • Verification of fixtures and tool holders
  • Static deformation analysis

TRITOP is also used to pre-measure reference points on large complex objects to obtain high accuracy when 3D scanning afterwards (ATOS XL). Read more about TRITOP.

The profogrammetry process can also be done automatically with ATOS Plus, which is an add-on for an ATOS ScanBox setup.

Zebicon ensures that the necessary training and education is given when buying a metrology system, and also delivers support afterwards.


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Danish distributor

Zebicon is the danish distributor of 3D measurement systems by GOM, who is developing and producing high precision metrology solutions.  

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