Zebicon wins Co-creator award

31. August 2018

On Saturday August 25th, we received this year’s business Co-creator prize, presented by Capital of Children Office in Billund

Acknowledgements of learning through play
The “Co-creator award” is an initiative by Capital of Children Office who wants to celebrate learning though play.

The Co-creator awards were split in to three categories; the young Co-creator of the year, the business Co-creator of the year, and the educational Co-creator of the year. Each category had several nominees, and Zebicon proudly received the award in the business field.

The following was stated in the nomination “Through different initiatives, such as adoption of a school class, Zebicon challenges children and young people and creates new ways of learning. The company is openminded, listens to input, and has no problem being challenged on the their traditional work processes.” 

Billundskolen has learned about 3D scanning
One of the reasons that Zebicon was awarded this year’s business Co-creator, is the cooperation with Billundskolen. We have adopted a group of 5th grade students, who have visited the company to learn about 3D scanning and quality control in the industry.

A co-creation project which will continue in the coming school year, where the students and Zebicon will meet again.