3D scanning is presented in public schools

01. December 2017

Zebicon is now a part of the concept Engineer the future, where schools can book experts from different fields of work.

In Denmark there is a lack of highly educated people with technical and scientific qualifications. To make sure, that more people specializes within technological development, the Danish technological alliance 'Engineer the future' has gathered a group of engineers and technical experts from all over the country and established the concept 'Book an expert'.

The concept is targeted towards youth education programs and public schools. As the name implies, the schools can book an expert to come to talk about what they work with and teach the students about their area of profession.  

From pins to wind turbines
One of the experts, which the schools can book is 27-year-old Marie Almbjerg, who is educated mechanical engineer at VIA University College in Horsens, and today works as a metrologist at Zebicon. 

Marie's work consists of 3D scanning of many different products - from parts at the size of a pin to large wind turbine components. She also works with data processing and creates measurement reports to customers.

CEO, Jeppe Laursen, states, "when we let Marie be a part of Engineer the future, it is because, we want to give back to the educational institutions, where we get our own employees from. It is a well-known problem, that we both now and in the future, are in shortage of skilled engineers. Therefore, it is important for us to wake young people's interest for the technical field and visualize, that Zebicon is an interesting workplace for young people."

At Marie's visit, students will be introduced to 3D scanning and metrology. With a live demonstration of scanning, the students will get an understanding of what 3D scanning is, what it can be used for today and in the future, and why it is important to production companies.

About 'Book an expert'
'Book an expert' is a part of Engineering in school, which is a collaboration between Engineer the future, The House of Natural Sciences, Astra and VIA University College.

The experts are engineers, natural science candidates and others with a technical or scientific background. All experts have participated in a communication course, where they have been trained in communicating to children and young people.

Book an expert is an opportunity to expand children's and young people's technical knowledge and strengthen the student's interest for natural science and technology. The concept is financed by foundations, therefore schools can book an expert free of charge, to come visit doing lessons.

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