Meet us at FoodTech 2016

03. October 2016

Zebicon debuts at FoodTech on the 1st to 3rd of November.

3D scanning and metrology usually has its usage outside the food industry. However, an increasing demand for part verification, quality control and optimization in the food industry has paved the road for Zebicon. Therefore we attend this year's FoodTech expo.

From cans to chickens
The 3D scanning technology is already widely used in the industries of plastic and metal for verification of parts. After scanning, a part can be compared to CAD data, and any deviations between the designed and the produced part are visualized with colors. In the food industry, manufacturers of cans and plastic containers use the color comparison to get a quick overview of general trends and quality of the measured part.

The technology has a wide variety of applications in the food industry. An example is digitization of chickens in a fixture. This scanning was used for programming and production simulation. The scan led the customer to make the necessary adjustments before a costly production was initiated.

3D scanning can also be used in process optimization, which is an important part of many Danish industries. The accuracy of 3D technology entails that even small scuff marks on cutting knives and tools can be documented. This gives companies the opportunity to make tool changes based on valid data.

Meet us in Herning at FoodTech stand no. M 9864
At the expo we will tell about 3D scanning and metrology, and demonstrate the 3D scanning technology. We look forward to meeting you, and have a talk about how your company may benefit from this technology.

The expo is free of charge, but requires registration.

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Katja Ramsing
Project Manager

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