Intelligent development of technical parts

09. January 2018

The plastic company HN Group A/S are using 3D scanning to improve the development of injection molded components.

HN Group in Billund has more than 30 years’ experience with production of injection molded and thermo molded plastic parts for industries like medico, food, toys, electronics, cars, wind turbines but also gas and water technology. 

For a long period of time, HN Group used Zebicon for scanning parts, both for the development and quality division. Over the last 5-7 years, HN Group has felt a growing need for full measurement reports, as well as the tools to do so.

Director of sales and marketing, Allan Hansen comments, “the cooperation with Zebicon has been good, but due to the growing need for agility and fast reaction, we have invested in our own measurement tools”. Today HN Group has its own ATOS ScanBox 4105.

Mold, scan and adjust
HN Group A/S quality and measurement technician, Dennis Hansen comments, “An example of how we use 3D scaning for development and adjusting molds, is these two plastic components for a gas valve. Both parts have demanded many adjustments. One is produced in plastic with 40% glass filling, which results in warpage. The other is a 2k part, which means the part is produced by two types of plastic and thus goes through the same machine twice”.

HN Group used the 3D scanning on these parts to identify possible defects that the parts may have. Dennis Hansen comments, “glass filling in the first part is necessary to give the part strength, but it results in warpage. To compensate for the warpage we adjusted the tools based on a scanning. The warpage is still there, so we adjusted the steel in the mold, for the dimensions to match, when the part is cold”.


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Katja Ramsing
Project Manager

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