Component analysis

Inspection of electronic components

Zebicon offers analysis of electronics and assembled parts to document interaction between elements, solderings, integrated circuits, short circuits etc. The analysis is typically used for confirming or disconfirming source of errors, and for checking if components are located appropriately after assembly.

This type of analysis is conducted using CT scanning. The process is non-destructive, hence, it is possible to document details without destroying or dismantling the part. Zebicon's CT scanner is a Phoenix nanotom S scanner from GE Measurement & Control Systems. The system scans parts up to 150 mm x 130 mm (hxd) with a 5.3 mega pixel resolution. 

Documentation inside out
As CT scanning is X-ray technology, both inside and outside geometry is documented, and hidden details can be analysed. 

Component analysis can be used for:  

  • Inspection of PCB tracks, contact points and connections
  • Check of solderings and short circuits
  • Inspection of interaction between elements 

Images, video slide or interactive 3D model
The result of a component analysis from Zebicon is typically a series of images, combined with a video slide show, presenting the scanned part layer by layer in a given plane.

Moreover, data is available for the free softwares myVGL and GOM Inspect, which opens up for more analysis and inspection.


Kim D. Andersen
Project manager

+45 4196 4953

CASE - Headset

GN Netcom A/S wanted knowledge about the interaction between internal elements in a headset.

Using CT scanning, Zebicon delivered 2D x-ray images to document the internal elements.

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