Material analysis

Inspection of fiber structure and air inclusions

Zebicon offers material analysis of small parts for inspection and documentation of fiber structure, air inclusions, and internal defects. This type of analysis is done with CT scanning, also called Computer Tomography.

We conduct CT scanning using the CT scanner from GOM. The system scans with high resolution and is suitable for parts up to Ø240 mm x H. 400 mm. The process is non-destructive and takes place in Zebicon's measurement laboratory.

X-ray technology documents inner geometry
CT scanning is x-ray technology, which means that both inner and outer geometry is documented and material details can be analysed.

Material analysis can be used for:  

  • Documentation and dimensioning of air inclusions
  • Inspection of fiber structure and internal defects.

Images, video slide or interactive 3D model
The result of a material analysis from Zebicon is typically a series of images, combined with a video slide show, presenting the scanned part layer by layer in a given plane.

Moreover, data is available for the free softwares myVGL and GOM Inspect, which opens up for more analysis and inspection.

CASE - Tube lock

Sonion A/S wanted an analysis of air inclusions and fiber structure of a technical plastic part.

Zebicon used CT scanning for documentation of the internal elements.

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