Measurement consulting service

Constructive and impartial consultancy

Zebicon offers to be your discussion partner within metrology and 3D measurement, and we take pride in delivering honest and constructive consultancy. We work in many industries and use this knowledge to enhance and develop new solutions across industries.

Measurement consulting service can be used in many connections, but is particularly beneficial in product development, running-in of new products or in troubleshooting.

How we deliver measurement consultancy
We offer consultancy face-to-face in Billund or at your site, online or by telephone.

  • Joint consultancy at Zebicon with review of the analysis and measurement report. Attending the meeting is typically the manufacturer and subcontractors.

  • Webconference between Zebicon's measurement engineer and the customer, where the measurement report is evaluated and reviewed one to one and questions are clarified.
  • Meeting and presentation at the customer site in case of start-up or handover of larger assignments.
  • Consultancy by telephone in case of clarification of specific assignments.