Part verification

Quality control of all part sizes

Zebicon offers services within 3D part verification of all types of part, tool or component. We use a series of different technologies and choose the appropriate equipment in agreement with the customer.

Depending on the size and mobility of the part, the measurement is either conducted in Zebicon's laboratory or by the customer on-site.

Full-field documentation or coordinate measurement
A 3D measurement can be done using 3D scanning methods, which result in a complete geometric surface measurement or using 3D coordinate measurement, where only selected points are measured.

Part verification can be used for: 

  • Quality control and part verification
  • First article inspection/First out of tool test
  • Part approval according to 2D drawing and/or Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Geometric problem analysis and problem identification 

Visual measurement report
The result of a part verification from Zebicon is a visual measurement report, tailorized to the customer's needs and specifications. A typical report consists of a color plot, where measured data is compared to CAD data. This type of analysis gives a quick and easy to understand overview of the part quality and highlights possible problem areas.

Afterwards all geometric specifications are documented, whether the drawing is based on Geometric tolerances and dimensioning or traditional dimensioning. The report thus contains dimensioning presented in images and color illustrations.

Free viewer software
Data is delivered as a PDF file or as data extract for Excel. 
Along with the report is the scanning file, which can be imported in the free 3D inspection software GOM Inspect. This way it is possible to conduct further analyses and scrutinize important details.

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