GOM offers 1-hour webinars, where you can meet their team of specialists within 3D metrology. The webinars are arranged regularly and are about the application of optical metrology systems in different industries and for different purposes. 

The webinars are free, so all you have to invest is your time. You get an interesting and technical presentation about how optical measuring techniques can be used in different industries.

GOM has no webinars planned in the coming months, but below you will find links to recordings of previous webinars.

Watch previous webinars 

Automated Creation of Measurement Plans
About creation of measurements on the CAD part.

Surface Analysis of Sheet Metal Parts
About Surface analysis of sheet metal parts.

Open Data Architecture in the 3D Testing Software
About data architecture in 3D testing software.

Determination of Forming Limit Curves in ARAMIS
About formability of sheet metal. 

2D and 3D Image Correlation
About deformation analyses of materials and components. 

About 3D inspection in the medical industry, as well as biomechanic testing.

A Beginners Guide to GD&T
About Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

Surface analysis of plastic components
About the application of optical metrology systems for inspection and analysis of plastic components.

Tensile testing
About the application of optical metrology systems for tensile testing and analysis of local deformation.

Aerospace testing
About 3D inspection, visualization, and material testing in the aerospace industry.

Shear test
About 3D measurement of components' reaction to impact events or crashes.

Automotive testing
About 3D measurement for crash testing, motion analysis, and thermal deformation of components etc.