3D coordinate measurement

Flexible coordinate measurement based on photogrammetry

3D coordinate measurement can be conducted using different technologies and systems. Common for all techniques and technologies is, that a 3D coordinate is obtained in a predefined spot, or in a spot chosen during the measurement process.

The classic technique for conducting 3D coordinate measurement is a tactile technique using a 3D measuring machine, also called a coordinate measuring machine or CMM. This type of machine calls for a fixed granite table and a probe or a measuring arm to perform the measurement.

Non-tactile 3D coordinate measurement
At Zebicon we offer optical coordinate measurement, which is a non-tactile technology based on photogrammetry.  The system is mobile, and hence can be used for 3D measuring on-site, also under extreme conditions. Two certified scale bars ensure accuracy and traceability in the measurement.

Optical 3D coordinate measurement is primarily used for:

  • Dimensioning and quality control of large objects
  • Verification of fixtures and tool support
  • Static deformation analysis

CASE - Offshore platform

Vattenfall A/S needed to measure bolt positions on offshore wind turbine platforms.

Zebicon did the measurement using photogrammetry and delivered the coordinates of the bolts.

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