3D scanning

Create a digital model of a physical object

3D scanning is a technology which creates a digital 3D model of a physical object. The technology is based on a light pattern being projected on the object, and is therefore also called 3D light scanning or 3D white light scanning. The newest generation of light scanners are made with Blue light technology, and is consequently also called blue light scanners.

One or more cameras capture images of the object from different angles and by using advanced software, the different images/scans are combined to one complete model. This means that using 3D scanning, the whole surface geometry is measured and documented, and not only selected coordinates.

From small to large objects
The technology is suitable for digitizing small as well as large objects, which means that it is possible to 3D scan all types of objects ranging from micro components to 60 meter wind turbine blades.

3D scanning is primarily used for:

Today the technology behind 3D scanning is so advanced that it can be used equally to tactile coordinate measuring machines for geometric measurement.

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CASE - Axial fan

Multi-Wing International A/S needed knowledge about bending on an axial fan.

Zebicon 3D scanned the fan and compared the scanned data to the fan's CAD part

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