Laser tracker measurement

Laser based 3D coordinate measurement

Laser tracker measurement is a fast and accurate technique for conducting 3D coordinate measurement of large on-site objects. Laser tracker measurement is typically used for: 

  • Dimensioning and quality control of large objects
  • Alignment and levelling of production equipment

At Zebicon we perform laser tracker measurement with a FARO ION laser tracker, which is one of the most accurate systems on the market.

Laser based technology
The technology is based on a laser beam following a hand-held target, also called a reflector. The laser tracker is placed in front of the object to be measured, and the operator removes the reflector from the base of the tracker. The tracker then follows the movement of the reflector, and when the reflector is placed against the surface of the object, a measurement is triggered, and a 3D coordinate is determined.

Measuring range of 110 meter
The mobile and flexible FARO ION laser tracker has a measuring range of 110 meter and a system which monitors and compensates for changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure. Consequently, we are able to deliver very high accuracy and perform measurements even under difficult environmental conditions.

Scanning functionality
Besides performing 3D coordinate measurement,
 FARO ION also has a 3D scanning functionality. If the reflector is moved across the surface of an object, 3D coordinates can be measured continuously. The coordinates can either be measured each time the reflector is moved a predefined distance, e.g. one coordinate per 5 mm, or it is possible to get a selected number of coordinates per second.